Monday, June 8, 2009

SABC board chairman resigns

SABC board chairman Kanyi Mkhonza has resigned following a board meeting yesterday, the broadcaster has announced. “(Mkhonza) has decided to step down from this position in the interest of the SABC. She will, however, continue to be a member of the board,” said spokesman Kaizer Kganyago.
Board member Ashwin Trikamjee has been appointed as acting chairman in her place.

Last night, Kganyago said the Department of Communications had been told about the resignation.

Earlier yesterday, the broadcaster‘s acting chief executive, Gab Mampone, told a crowd of booing protesters they had a right to be angry with the SABC

He said the SABC was committed to paying the outstanding R60-million in unpaid production fees which had sparked the protest outside its headquarters here.

“We have R60-million outstanding and we accept that,” said Mampone.

The Creative Workers‘ Union of SA called for the board to step down, and for a public hearing into the SABC by the Independent Communications Authority of SA.

Babies in prams, bare-breasted women and a dog were among the star- studded crowd, up in arms because actors and production houses were not being paid.

Mampone said a payment plan was “on the table” following a meeting with industry representatives on Tuesday. They now had to decide how to apportion payment from the pool of cash available.

Mampone recently warned that the SABC would need at least R2-billion to solve its financial problems.

He said the main contributing factor to their predicament was a fall in advertising revenue.

The Young Communist League said the R2-billion should be withheld until the board stepped down, accusing it of siding with the opposition Congress of the People party. – Sapa

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