Tuesday, November 4, 2008

International Conference on African Culture and Development (ICACD)

At the same time as UNCTAD was launching the Creative Economy Report in Ghana, the International Conference on African Culture and Development was taking place.
The aim of ICACD - the Secretariat for which is based in Ghana - is organise an annual conference on the subject on culture and development so that within a decade, there will be significant information, analysis and empirical knowledge about the relationship between and integration of culture and development.
Much of the current culture and development trends emphasise the creative and cultural industries. ICACD is picking up on the two UNESCO Decades for Culture and Development that try to understand and practice development as a cultural process, rather than simply as an economic one.
The next ICACD conference will take place in June 2009 in Ghana again, with the theme "African culture and the Millennium Development Goals".

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