Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Welcome to the November newsletter from the ARTerial Network. The ARTerial Network is an informal, dynamic network of individuals, organisations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African cultural sector.

The Network was formed to support the effectiveness and growth of the African arts and culture civil society and to enhance the sustainability of creative industries in Africa.
African World Summit on the Arts The National Arts Council of South Africa hosted an African Dialogue on the Arts from 26-28 October in Cape Town as part of the preparations for the fourth World Summit on the Arts and Culture to be held in Johannesburg from 22-25 September 2009. About 35 delegates from a range of African arts councils, funding agencies and ministries met to consider themes for the Summit, as well as the legacy that the Summit should leave after its first edition in Africa.
The Summit is an initiative of The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies which "aims to create an international resource and meeting ground for all those whose public responsibility it is to support excellence and diversity in artistic endeavour."

The theme for the 2009 summit is "Meeting cultures: creating meaning", with the arts viewed as an important vehicle to promote intercultural dialogue.
A Steering Committee comprising representatives of the National Arts Council, the Department of Arts and Culture, the City of Johannesburg and IFACCA is in place to drive the content and logistics of the Summit. The African Dialogue ended with the appointment of a Task Team comprising an NAC representative, IFACCA Board member Quresh H.Ahmed from Kenya, Marc Nkeitar of Creative Africa and Mike van Graan, Secretariat of the ARTerial Network to plan and drive the legacy component of the Summit.
An ARTerial Network meeting is planned alongside the Summit to ensure maximum participation in the summit by African delegates.


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If you wish to make contact with the ARTerial Network or if you received this newsletter second hand and would like to be on our database, contact Margerie Vacle: margeriev@africacentre.net; Florence Mukanga: Florencem@africacentre.net or Mike van Graan mikevg@africacentre.net.

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