Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Africa Fund for Arts and Culture

Article 14 of the UNESCO Convention calls for the establishment of an International Fund for Cultural Diversity, particularly to assist the growth of cultural industries in the developing world.
The ARTerial Network Task Team proposed that an African Fund for Arts and Culture be established - along similar lines to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - in order to make resources available for the cultural sector on the continent. Various international donors have expressed interest in such a Fund as it would provide a continent-based mechanism, with African leadership, and with local capacity, to devise strategies relevant to the continent and to allocate funds in support of such strategies.
A research project - funded by DOEN and the Stromme Foundation - is currently underway to determine the viability, modalities, funding mechanisms, location and priorities of such a Fund.
One idea that has great currency is to approach FIFA and/or individual football federations and persuade them to contribute a percentage of every football ticket between now and the 2010 FIFA World Cup to be hosted in South Africa, to such a Fund so that it leaves a lasting legacy in the area of arts and culture too.

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