Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ingolf Gabold Head of Drama - Danish Public Broadcaster - Summarised quotes from input 2008

We are here to create an experience for our viewers.

High cost programming means the number of viewers will be high = price per viewer is therefore less. Therefore, expensive productions = cheap programming.

we draw in co -producers through the potential to win prizes such as Emmys. ie.ZDF. Scandinavian co=produced dramas = more money used for high end production = higher production value.

16 million Euros per annum = 35 hours of drama
childrens dramas E 2,000 per min.= R25,000
cheapest dramas E 4,000 per min = R50,000
then E 6,000 per min.
E8,700 per min
and very expensive E13,400 per min

We delegate responsibility for each productions on the principle that responsiblilty creates ownership and ownership creates quality. The Head of Drama dlegates repsonsibility for each productions to the executive producer concerned. Head of Drama coaches producer. Producer coaches key staff.

Notes courtesy of Anita Khanna

The only way we can produce high quality programming for the SABC is if they accept that people – audiences

understand production value and will tune into high end drama, which means we need far less low budget drama’s and far more higher budget dramas. The SABC has to raise budgets and allow for producer to own their works so we can qualify for the DTI’S local production rebate incentive.

Rehad Desai

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